These 4 tips may sound harsh, especially if your resume is riddled with them. Don’t take it personal, we only know because we’ve been there. Try your best to avoid these items while constructing your resume. Tweak what you think you need to, but overall, the advice is should be followed.

  1. Boring and generic objective statements. shares something we all have been thinking… objective statements are often time boring and the same across the board. Yes we know you are searching for a position where you can utilize your skills, tell us something we don’t know! Instead, take some time to think about your career objective. What do you want in your career? Not just in this position and short term.
  2. Death in details. We can’t stress enough the importance of putting yourself in the recruiters shoes. Imagine seeing a resume littered with description, upon description, upon description… are you asleep yet? Because we are. There is a balance between too much information and too little information. Provide enough to spark interest, and leave it at that.
  3. “References available upon request”. This line of permission is overly unnecessary. If employers really want to dig into your past employment, they will ask you. They don’t need your permission to simply ask. DELETE!
  4. Copy & Paste. This might have work on your Spanish exam via google translate, but it’s not going to work while hunting for your perfect job. You want to make sure your resume effectively tells the employer the story of your past, present, and why you are currently seeking employment at XYZ. Jobs may vary, but your accomplishment may have been similar from job to job. Highlight those accomplishments and the similarities will be apparent to the employer. You want your resume to make sense as to why you want the job.

If you want to land that job you’ve been eyeing for quite some time, you must must MUST take into account these tips we’ve brought to you. You don’t have to follow each advice, but read them and try to incorporate them where you can. Trust us, it may be the difference between the interview and rejection pile.