You finally did it! You’ve filled out the entire application of your desired position to the T. You’re feeling good, you’re sitting back, and your finger hovers over your mouse, ready to press submit. STOP! Just one second before you do what can’t be undone. These are three simple things you should do before you call it a day. Just 3 things, that may take 15 minutes tops, and in return, may give you your dream job.

  1. Pick out 1 or 2 of your accomplished friends (either in work or is a grammar king/queen). Ask them to look over your resume really quick. Give them exactly what you are needing, such as spell check, grammar check, and entertainment check (will they last through the entire resume without dozing off)? Did something on their pique their interest too? Don’t take their critique too personal, rather, take in their advice and adjust as you please. Having multiple eyes on your work may do wonders to the outcome.
  2. Make sure your contact information, dates, and reference information are up to date. Nothing sucks worse than getting your resume tossed to the interview pile, only to be questioned by the dates being off, or they’re unable to contact you or your past employer.
  3. Take a deep breath. You’ll feel a sense of relief once you’ve submitted your resume. But, you may feel a sense of defeat if you don’t hear anything back. Before you hit submit, realize that everything happens for a reason. If you don’t get a response, keep on keepin’ on. Just like there is someone out there for everyone, there is a perfect job out there for everyone as well!

And that’s it! Three easy peasy things to check off before you hit submit. Some may be more tasking than others, but if it’s a job that you really want, then it’s truly worth the extra 15 minutes to do.